Aui – Picture Book

What influence does language have on our interpersonal relations, in particular our mother tongue?
How can we overcome linguistic barriers in one of the most intimate relationships,
the one between mother and child?
This project deals with the mechanism of code-switching, a common subject in sociolinguistics,
which was translated into an illustrated book that documents a specific and personal case.
Starting from the memories of two individuals and their relationship, the book narrates how the communication between mother and daughter leads to a transformation of their individual languages into a new one:
A hybrid born from the need to transcend the barriers of communication.
„Aui“ tells how an initial linguistic obstacle induced the manipulation and reinvention of a common language.
Degree Project at the Faculty of Design and Art | Free University of Bolzano-Bozen 
Supervisor Giorgio Camuffo
Second supervisor Valeria Burgio